On-Site Management & Consulting Services

AmbCoach offers a wide range of management and consulting services designed specifically to your needs as a medical transportation provider. Through AmbCoach, your service can obtain expert assistance in areas such as managed care contracting, operational system status management, strategic planning and costing of services, customer relations, as well as EMS legal and accounting services. Additionally, our consulting associates are widely respected and well known in the EMS field as experts in medical transportation (ambulance, wheelchair van, para-transit, etc.) and fire services reimbursement and program payor policy and regulation, as well as reimbursement system design and financial management.

The AmbCoach consulting associates spend countless hours laboring to stay abreast of current issues and their impact on the medical transportation industry. Additionally, their alliances with persons and agencies affiliated with our industry are invaluable; not only to the staying power of AmbCoach, but also to you, the provider.

In recent years the EMS industry has been targeted by CMS as an area where extensive cutbacks could be made to the Medicare expenditure, and dollars could be recaptured and filtered back into the program. Further, the increasing presence of HMO & MCO beneficiaries and the minimal monies available under the Medical Assistance program causes additional decreases to your collection rates. All dollars are under close scrutiny, a situation that we cannot foresee an improvement to in the near future.

By working with the experts at AmbCoach on an hourly, daily, or specific project basis your current systems will be reviewed and evaluated, and recommendations will be made to improve your internal control of operational and administrative functions to minimize the potential exposure to various issues.

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